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If you are a Canadian PR holder or Canadian Citizen wanting to sponsor your spouse in Canada reunification is the perfect pathway to sponsor your loved one (Spouse Visa / Children/ parents) we helped thousands of families reunite in Canada more quickly and easily with peace of mind.

We are Certified Canadian immigration consultant, help in all of the forms and supporting documents that you will need, depending on your situation. We have helped more spousal visa applicants than any law firm has. Most important no hidden or additional fee, you get an independent immigration case manager who will review your application and answer all of your questions. Does your spouse live in Canada? Do you want to live with your partner permanently; is it really hard to stay away from each other? Dependent visa (Canada spouse visa) can be beneficial for you in many ways.

Benefits Of Canada Spouse Visa:-

  • IELTS is one of the most critical aspects in all the independent visas categories. But in the case of Canada Spouse visa, you need not appear for the IELTS exam as it is not required at all. So, if your question is, Is IELTS required for spouse visa? Well answer will there is no IELTS require for Canada spouse visa
  • Each of the visa categories of Canada visa having its own specific eligibility requirements such as points system or minimum qualification or work experience that must be met in order to file a successful application but good thing is CIC does not bother for spouse qualification or work experience.
  • You and your spouse can aspire to have a bright career in Canada as you can work in Canada while your spouse might be studying there or might as well be working too.
  • Being a partner of Canadian citizen or PR Canada, your spouse can avail universal health-care system

Requirements For Spouse Visa in Canada?

  • As a sponsor, you are solely responsible to financially support your spouse, husband, sponsor need to sign undertaking stipulates that you must provide basic needs, which includes food, clothing, shelter, dental care, and eye care. You are legally bound to provide this support for a period of three years after your partner or spouse Sponsorship canada becomes a permanent resident of Canada.
  • The sponsor must meet minimum income requirements to be considered eligible. This figure is determined by the Government of Canada. The income of your spouse or partner may also be considered when determining whether this requirement has been met.
  • Individuals who have been charged or convicted of any sexual offenses, or criminal offenses involving their spouse, partner, or other relatives are not eligible to sponsor foreign nationals for a permanent residency visa
  • As a sponsor, you are responsible to financially support any dependent children who immigrate to Canada with your partner or spouse. You are legally bound to provide food, clothing, shelter, dental care, and eye care for the time period specified by the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration. Your obligations to dependent children under the age of 22 will last 10 years after they obtain permanent resident status, or until they turn 25. For dependent children over the age of 22, you are obligated to support them financially for a period of three years after they become lawful permanent residents of Canada.
  • The relationship must be bona fide, ongoing, and both parties must intend to continue the relationship after permanent resident status has been granted to the applicant.
  • To be sponsor, you must need to prove that you’re not receiving social assistance for reasons other than a disability.

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